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Cardboard Mailing & Postal Boxes By Size (Colour Outside)

Our complete range of strong self-assembly single wall corrugated cardboard mailing boxes & cartons in various styles, sizes and colours suitable for a variety of mailing & packaging applications
Here you can search mailing boxes by colour & size
These coloured mailing boxes have the colour to the Outside - Inside of box is white
Please note: Images shown here are for example purposes only - the exact style of mailing box may be similar but not necessarily identical to the image shown - if you require a specific style please go to our Mailing / Postal Boxes - By Style section or contact a member of our sales team
Unless otherwise stated all dimensions given are internal
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Cardboard Postal Mailing boxes - FAQs

Q. What is FEFCO & what is a FEFCO style?
A. FEFCO is the industry's internationally recognisable box, carton & case code & there are a range of standard box styles which are given a unique number so they can easily be identified worldwide.

Q. What board grade are your mailing boxes?
A. All the mailing boxes are supplied in a singlewall board grade, that is, one layer of corrugated fluting with a layer of paper on either side.

Q. The size is spot on and the colour is great but it doesn't seem substantial enough. Can I have a heavier duty board?
A. We can supply our mailing boxes in a number of grades. Please speak to one of our sales representatives, who will advise you on the grade most suited to your individual needs, subject to a minimum order quantity & possible tooling charge.

Q. Can you make any style of mailing box?
A. We manufacture our standard range of mailing boxes to a pre set style, however we can manufacture virtually any style you want. Alternatively you can suggest your own mailing box style or we can suggest or design a mailing box style for you (Please note that any new mailing box styles including other FEFCO-ESBO styles will incur a one off tooling charge).

Q. I am not sure if a particular box is going to be suitable, what should I do?
A. In this instance the best course of action is to request a free mailing box sample. This way you can check that the box size, style and board grade are suitable for the job.

Q. Can I have my company logo/details printed onto the mailing boxes?
A. We provide a comprehensive print service, allowing you to choose from a huge range of colours & finishes. This would be subject to a minimum quantity and tooling charge. For those who wish to have a logo designed, we also offer an in-house design service. Please call our sales team for further details.

Q. Do I need any further products to seal the mailing box before mailing?
A. Many of our mailing boxes feature tabs for closure of the box. It is unlikely that this alone will be enough to secure your item in transit through a postal or courier service.
We recommend that either packing tape and/or a self seal strip be used to ensure your product arrives as intended. Both of these are available on our site.

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