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Small bubblewrap, Large bubblewrap, Anti-static bubblewrap, Bubblebags, Foam rolls & profile & flat foam sheets & pads
We can supply custom sizes, perforations, colours & printing (subject to minimum quantities)
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Foam sheets & pads - FAQs

Q. Do any of your foam sheets fit your stock boxes?
A. Yes they do. For boxes which have these foam inserts, please look in the foam-lined boxes section of our website.

Q. Can I have foam cut to size?
A. We can supply foam sheets cut to your own requirements, but as with many custom / bespoke products, this would be subject to a minimum order quantity and a one-off tooling charge.

Bubblewrap & Foam - FAQs

Q. I need to wrap some items for moving. Would I be better off with small or large bubblewrap?
A. On the whole, small bubblewrap is used to offer more protection whereas large bubblewrap is better suited as use as a void fill. In practical terms, use small bubble wrap for breakables such as TVs, crockery and paintings & use large bubblewrap for larger items such as furniture.

Q. What is the benefit of using Furniguard rather than bubblewrap?
A. Furniguard has been designed for use within the removals industry and, as such, is much better suited for wrapping furniture.
It is much more durable and is puncture resistant, so scratches are much less likely to occur.

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