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This section includes the following packaging materials:
Instapak quick foam packaging, Cardboard pet carriers, Silica gel & dessicant.
We can supply many other specialist, bespoke & custom packaging materials - please contact our sales office for details
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Instapak - FAQs

Q. I am unsure as to what Instapak is. Would it be suitable to protect my product?
A. Instapak quick foam packaging provides a highly flexible foam fitting, which moulds itself to the shape of any product. They work by applying light pressure to a specific part of the bag and it then begins to expand. The bag is then placed into the shipping carton as it expands, and the product is placed on top of the Instapak bag. You are then required to place a second Instpak bag on top of the product and close the shipping carton. The two bags will only expand to the internal size of the carton, cushioning your product inside. Instapak foam packaging is suitable for use with many fragile items, ensuring maximum protection whilst the product is in transit.
Great for high value fragile goods requiring an exeptionally high level of protection.

Our Specialist Packaging includes:

Cardboard Animal & Pet Carriers,

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