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Shiny Metallic Bubble Postal Bags, Featherpost Postal Bags, Sealed Air Branded Postal Bags, Arofol Branded Postal Bags, Jiffy Branded Bags.
We can supply custom sizes, colours & printing (subject to minimum quantities)
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Postal mailing bags - FAQs

Q. Why would I choose a postal mailing bag over a mail despatch bag?
A. There are a number of factors which may help in your decision.
The postal mailing bags are more substantial than the despatch bags and are more suited to more fragile items. Bubble lined/padded bags offer more drop protection than polythene mail despatch bags. however, postal mailing bags do not offer the same level of tamper evidency as mail despatch bags & they are not waterproof.

Q. Are sizes given for each bag internal or external?
A. All sizes are internal sizes.

Q. Can I have my own logo printed on the postal mailing bags.
A. Yes you can have virtually anything printed on the postal mailing bags however special sizes & prints etc are subject to a minimum order quantity. For detail of minimum order quanitities & prices please contact our sales team.

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