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Natural Wood Wool

Natural and environmentally friendly loose fill packaging material, can be used loose or made into cushioned pads
Packed in 5kg bags
Perfect for wrapping fragile & breakable items
This product is recyclable, reusable & biodegradable
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Natural Wood Wool

Wood wool is ideal for outdoor storage and creates no problems when stacking.
Wood wool is preferred by discerning people who are seriously concerned about the world in which we live.
Wood wool is a light, shredded, kiln dry soft wood, thus saving weight during handling and transit.
Wood wool is environmentally friendly. It has a PH value of 7.5
Wood wool has innumerable uses, hence, fewer purchases and less stockpiling of specific protective material.
Wood wool can be recovered and reused many times, it is versatile and offers many permutations. With its specific properties, it cuts down the consumption of packaging materials.
Wood wool s very resilient, offering excellent cushioning and is easy to handle as it is non static, it makes packaging faster and easier, saving hours of work.
Wood wool reduces the incidence of damage during transportation.
Wood wool is suitable for white stone products.

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