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Corrugated cardboard Archive /storage style folding boxes & cartons suitable for archiving & storage of files, folders, bills, statements, paperwork, important documents etc
Unless otherwise stated all dimensions given are internal
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Archive Storage Boxes - FAQs

Q. I am unsure if my size of file/document would fit in this archive storage box. What sizes would you advise this is suitable for?
A. This box has been designed to hold the following sizes; A4 documents & smaller, Lever Arch Files and A4 cardboard wallets.

Q. Would this box be suitable for long-term storage of my documents?
A. These archive storage boxes are made from single wall corrugated with hand holes & as such, with careful handling, should last for years.

Q. Is this style of box supplied with a lid, as per the picture?
A. This style of box has an integral lid.

Q. My documents are larger/smaller than the standard archive box. Can I have a box made for my requirements.
A. We can supply you with an archive storage box, made to measure to your own requirements. For details on available grades and colours, along with bespoke pricing, please contact our sales team.

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