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Clear hand film, Black hand film, Clear machine film, Palletwrap dispensers, Pallet netting
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Stretch film / palletwrap wrap - FAQs

Q. How do I use stretchfilm?
A. The idea of stretchfilm, or palletwrap as it is otherwise known, is that tension is used to hold a number of items together, usually to a pallet. This ensures stability of the items held, along with the benefit of being protected from dust, and to a lesser extent if used correctly, rain. Black palletwrap can be used to sheild items from view, whereas clear or tinted palletwrap allows users to see the items that are wrapped. Many users do not use the stretchfilm in the correct manner. Tension is not applied to the stretchfilm as it is wrapped around the items and the items are not held securely. This leads to products falling from pallets whilst being transported. The palletwrap must be pulled taut as it is wrapped around the items. The tension will keep the items together.

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