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Adhesive tapes for industrial & specialist applications including Rescue Tape, lane marking hazard tape. silver duct tape, black duct tape, paper tape, general purpose masking tape & doublesided polypropylene tape
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Specialist / industrial tapes - FAQs

Q. I am unsure as to what to use each tape for. What would you recommend?
A. Lane marking/Hazard tape is used on walls and flooring, generally to set apart safe and dangerous areas.

Silver/black duct tape is waterproof and made of cloth. It is very durable and can be used in a variety of situations requiring a heavy-duty tape.

Masking tape is made of paper & is generally used for light-duty applications. It is suitable for use whilst painting to protect surfaces.

Double-sided tape has a paper backing which, when peeled away, exposes the adhesive beneath.This is suited for uses such as mounting artwork & crafts and hobbies.

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