Cardboard Foam Lined Mailing Postal Slider Packs For Royal Mail Post Office Postage Specifications, Small Parcel Category

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Small Parcel (Wide Option) - Cardboard Slider Packs with Foam Fittings

Royal Mail Small Parcel (Wide Option) category cardboard slider packs with foam fittings in a range of sizes & colours;

Small Parcels (Wide Option) can measure up to;
Length 450mm
Width 350mm
Depth 80mm
Weight up to 2kg max

Exceptions. The following items are also priced as Small Parcels:
Parcels that measure up to Length: 160mm and Width: 160mm and Depth: 160mm and do not exceed 2kg.
Roll and cylinder-shaped parcels that measure up to Length 450mm and Diameter 80mm.

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