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Layflat Tubing & Poly Sheets

This section includes the following packaging materials:
Layflat tubing, Polythene sheeting, Heat sealers, Shrink guns
We can supply custom sizes, colours & printing (subject to minimum quantities)
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Layflat tubing & sheets - FAQs

Q. I have never seen layflat tubing before. How is it used?
A. Layflat tubing is a 'tunnel' of polythene with openings at each end. It is designed to be used by cutting to the desired length, sealing one end, inserting the item and then sealing the open end, enclosing the item inside.

Q. How do I go about sealing the layflat tubing?
A. This can by done with an impulse heat sealer or with more traditional means such as a stapler.

Q. I am interested in a gas shrink gun. Do I need any special training before using this piece of equipment?
A. We would not recommend that this item is used without the experience of someone who has used this equipment before. If training is required in its use, please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to arrange a demonstration (charges apply).

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