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At Postpack we place great value in developing long term relationships with our customers and we will generally do everything we can to help & advise through the buying process. We have many years experience in the packaging industry and are always looking to develop our products to suit customer requirements.

We recognise that in selecting the right packaging for a particular product or application it is often useful to try various options to get the optimum fit and protection. To this end we are pleased to offer free samples and carry the expense of this service ourselves as an investment in the longer term relationship.

Obviously we do have to protect ourselves from abuse of this system, so our approach is to charge an initial £6.00 (inc VAT) administration, packing & handling fee for any order containing up to 3 samples. On receipt of the samples order we then issue a one time coupon code which can be used to redeem the £6.00 administration, packing & handling fee on placement of another order. If for some reason you do not receive a sample coupon code please contact us & we will be happy to reissue it.

If you wish to sample a particular product please just click the free samples link on the product page (next to the add to basket button). Unfortunately there are some products for which we cannot offer samples, in these cases there will be no link available but please feel free to contact us to arrange an alternative method of sampling. If you would like us to call you please just click here

Sample requests can constitute an order on their own or be part of any other order.

Important - Please note that for obvious commercial reasons samples will not neccessarily be the complete item eg where a sample of bubblewrap or strapping or loosefill etc is requested this will consist of a reasonable size amount of the material & not a full roll or bag.

Please note that the samples are FREE & this includes the delivery too - We are only charging for administration, packing & handling. We normally despatch samples via one of our couriers. Please be aware that this service can take up to 5 working days. If your samples are particularly urgent then we would suggest that you choose a next day or 2 - 3 day courier service which can be selected at the checkout stage. This will be charged extra and is not included in the sample refund.

There is a maximum of 1 sample of any particular product. If you require more than 1 please contact our sales team.

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