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Box Filling & Void Packing

This section includes the following packaging materials:
Airfil air pillow systems, Instapak Quick RT foam packaging, Polystyrene loose fill, Polystyrene beads, Biodegradable loose fill, Loose fill hoppers & dispensers, Woodwool, Shredded Tissue Paper & Coloured shredded kraft paper
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Loose fill & void fill packaging - FAQs

Q. I see that you offer loose fill in 15cuft bags. How much space would this bag fill in laymans terms?
A. A 15cuft bag of of loose fill would approximately fill a regular sized bath.

Q. How much protection does the shredded kraft paper offer?
A. The use of shredded kraft paper is usually only for decorative purposes. Although this product will offer minimal protection to a product, we would advise that polystyrene Wood wool loose fill or ecoflow be used to ensure protection of your product whilst in transit.

Our Box Filling & Void Packing includes:

Cardboard Matting, WoodWool, Loose fill Packing Chips & Peanuts,

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