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Double Walled Shipping Boxes

Made from premium-grade materials, our cartons are designed to provide maximum protection for your items.  Our double-walled shipping cartons feature a durable, two-layer design that provides added strength and durability. This makes them ideal for shipping heavier items, as well as fragile or valuable items that require extra protection.  Our cartons come in a variety of sizes to fit all your shipping needs, and their easy-to-assemble construction means you can quickly pack and send your items without any hassle.                                                                                            Prices exclude VAT.

Can't find the right sized box? Check out our made to measure boxes. Any size box, in a choice of 13 colours, 3 board grades and with no minimum order quantity! 

Made to measure shipping boxes


To help support you and your business, we've reduced the price on all our double walled shipping cartons by a whopping 35%! On top of this, order 50 or more and receive your quantity discount.

Double Walled Shipping Boxes

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