Box Filling & Void Packaging

This section includes the following packaging materials:
Airfil air pillow systems, Instapak Quick RT foam packaging, Polystyrene loose fill, Polystyrene beads, Biodegradable loose fill, Loose fill hoppers & dispensers, Woodwool & Coloured shredded kraft paper
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Box Filling & Void Packaging

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Natural Woodwool

Natural and environmentally friendly loose fill wood wool packaging material, can be used loose or made into cushioned pads
Perfect for presentation of gift sets & hampers, packaging and soft toys
Packed in a range of popular sizes
This product is recyclable, reusable & biodegradable
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    Polystyrene Loose Fill Chips

    White protective S shape free flowing Pelaspan EPS polystyrene loose fill packing chips suitable for all void fill applications
    This product is reusable

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      Biodegradable Loose Fill Chips

      Starch based S shape Pelaspan environmentally friendly biodegradable loose fill packing chips
      This product is reusable & 100% biodegradable

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        Polystyrene Beads

        White polystyrene beads ideal for bean bags etc
        10 cubic feet bag
        This product is reusable

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          MF Premium Coloured Tissue Paper

          508 x 750 mm (20" x 30") Premium quality crisp acid free & bleed resistant MF (Machine Finished) tissue paper available in a comprehensive range of colours packed in reams of approx 480 sheets

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            Shredded Kraft Paper

            Coloured shredded kraft paper packed in cartons and available in a range of sizes and colours

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              Airfil Protective Air Pillow Film

              Airfil protective air pillow film supplied on 650 metre rolls for use with the Airfil range of machines
              Please note an Airfil machine is required to use this film
              1 roll is equivalent to approx 7 large bags of "packing chips"
              Film is available in 3 handy standard pre-formed pillow sizes
              Prices are per roll

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                Airfil Protective Air Pillows

                Airfil protective air pillows supplied pre-inflated
                No need to rent or buy machinery
                Prices exclude VAT
                Please Note pre-inflated pillows will deflate over a period of time. We recommend these are used within 14 days of receipt.

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                  Instapak RT Foam Bags

                  Instapak® quick packaging foam is perfect for small to medium size companies looking for a superior packaging method without a large up front investment
                  The perfect product for a quick, cost effective and user friendly solution Instapak® Quick RT requires no pre-heating - use instantly
                  Instapak Quick RT foam bags available in a range of standard sizes
                  Min order 1 carton - Prices are per full carton
                  This product is reusable

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